UP Board Solutions for Class 11 English Grammar Chapter 2  Synthesis

UP Board Solutions for Class 11 English Grammar Chapter 2  Synthesis

These Solutions are part of UP Board Solutions for Class 11 English. Here we have given UP Board Solutions for Class 11 English Grammar Chapter 2  Synthesis.

Exercise 1

1. I saw a bėggar begging on the platform.
2. Nobody touched the rotten mangoes.
3. The tired traveller sat in the shade of a tree.
4. Having finished the book, I put in on the shelf.
5. Opening the cupboard, he took out his shirt.
6. Having failed in her attempt twice, she gave up the idea of trying once more.
7. It being cold, we stayed indoors.
8. Having relaxed for an hour, they started their journey again.
9. He was not willing to go out in torn clothes.
10. Having been caught by the police, the terrorist committed suicide.
11. Turning to the right you will reach my house.
12. Having taught the students, the teacher went home.
13. The boy is searching for his lost books.
14. The police arrested a thief running on the road.
15. I brought my mended fan home.

Exercise 2

1. He is too poor to build a house.
2. He works hard to earn money.
3. He is too truthful to tell a lie.
4. I shall admit myself in AIIMS to get good treatment.
5. I have a faithful dog to guard my house.
6. I gave my watch to the watchmaker to repair it.
7. The patient was too weak to go on foot.
8. I worked hard to pass in first division.
9. There is only one way for you to succeed.
10. I have nothing more to give you.
11. Many people come to that saint to get answers of their questions.
12. The police men fired in the air to control the crowd.

Exercise 3

1. On examining this answer book I found many mistakes in it.
2. After drinking milk he went to sleep.
3. Two students were caught red handed for copying in the examination hall
4. After explaining these questions to me you can go home.
5. The prayer had started before I reached the school.
6. I read all the books except novels.
7. Seeing me on the roof, a monkey ran away at once.
8. On the recovery of my father from his illness I became happy.
9. The principal fined few students.
10. The people were marching with pride with banners in their hands.

Exercise 4

1. Newton, a famous scientist, made many inventions.
2. The second show being over, the people have gone to their houses.
3. The people could not run fast.
4. I eat bread with butter.
5. Carelessly, he faild in the examination.
6. We have seen the Taj, one of the seven wonders of the world.
7. Certainly he was a great favourite of his teachers.
8. The sun having risen, the birds made a noise.
9. Tagore, the author of Gitanjali, was a famous poet of India.
10. I met my friend Harish.
11. The papers having been distributed, the students started writing.
12. He eats fruits and green vegetables daily.
13. His uncle, a great social worker is the richest man of the town.
14. Unfortunately this cow will die soon.
15. The fire having broken out, all the workers ran out of the factory.

Exercise 5

1. The report that he has been murdered is wrong.
2. Nobody knows where the Prime Minister is going?
3. You have admitted that you did a mistake.
4. The teacher asked me why I had been absent for two days?
5. That the Sun is hot is true.
6. Please tell me what your annual income is?.
7. That he will recover soon is possible.
8. That he must be Finance Minister is clear.
9. Who is knocking at the main gate that is closed?
10. Will you tell me why you failed in th examination?

Exercise 6

1. This is the boy who will stand first this year?
2. This house belongs to his uncle who has bought this?
3. He is such a man as cannot be forgotten easily.
4. Have you seen the place where Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated?
5. You should learn the answers of the questions that are important.
6. The train which is coming from Lucknow is late by one hour?
7. Where is the man who criticized you?
8. Return me the money which 9 had given you yesterday?
9. This is the flower that you like.
10. The people who are hard working are happy?

Exercise 7

1. I saw a mad dog in the street when I come out of the house?
2. All the students went into them classes when the bell rang?
3. I dreamt before I had taken sound sleep.
4. Shantanu stood first because he had worked very hard.
5. I could not go to office because it was raining heavily.
6. Although he is poor, he is honest.
7. I will go on the tour with you if my father allows me.
8. As soon as lion heard the noise, he ran into the forest.
9. I cannot leave my house because I am helpless.
10. My brother was married when he was the student of class X?

Exercise 8

1. The principal was pressing the bell but no peon came to him.
2. He got name as well as fame.
3. The wind blew and all the people became happy.
4. Man may come and man may go but I go on forever.
5. It is time to go so let us start.
6. You may eat fruits or green vegetables.
7. He is always busy in social work because he wants to be famous.
8. You should attend your class daily otherwise your name will be struck off.
9. I went to my uncle and he gave me a hundred rupee note.
10. He is hard working so all the teachers love him.

Exercise 9

1. I went to Mumbai where I stayed for one month and saw many things.
2. Seeing a bird, he took an aim and shot it at once.
3. He is poor and weak yet he does not beg.
4. The students who met the principal, not only put their demands but also challenged him.
5. He stole my bicycle but did not tell anybody.
6. The girls played volleyball but the boys did not.
7. The ponds became almost dry because the monsoon failed.
8. Mohan plays football and hockey but his brother does not play any game.
9. His friends made him spend a lot of money on themselves because he was a fool.
10. I do not know his age but he is certainly older than me.

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