UP Board Solutions for Class 11 English Grammar Chapter 3 Transformation of Sentences


UP Board Solutions for Class 11 English Grammar Chapter 3 Transformation of Sentences

These Solutions are part of UP Board Solutions for Class 11 English. Here we have given UP Board Solutions for Class 11 English Grammar Chapter 3 Transformation of Sentences.

Exercise 1

1. The water is so hot that I cannot bathe in it.
2. He is so rich that he can buy a car.
3. The crowd was too large for the police to control.
4. My heart is too full for words.
5. He is extremely fond of wrestling.
6. They were too weak to solve the paper.
7. The class is too noisy.
8. The people of Delhi are so active that they cannot miss the bus.
9. He speaks too fast for us to follow him.
10. The fox is so cunning that he cannot be deceived.
11. The room is too dirty for us to sit in it.
12. He is so proud that he cannot accept any help.
13. This tree is too high to climb.
14. The tea is so hot that I can not drink it.
15. The book was too interesting for me to put it aside without finishing it.

Exercise 2

1. John is not as clever as your brother.
2. No other book is as interesting as this.
3. Pen is mightier than sword.
4. Cow is the most gentle animal.
5. No other song that I have heard is as sweet as this.
6. He does not like any other colour as. much as brown colour.
7. Gold is the costliest metal.
8. No other kind of government is as good as democracy.
9. Vikramaditya was the most famous ruler of India for his judgement.
10. The climate of plains is not as cool as that of hills.
11. No other animal is as faithful as the dog.
12. Everest is the highest mountain.
13. Most cities in India are not as big as Delhi.
14. Mohan is one of the most foolish students.
15. Very few girls of the town are as beautiful as she.

Exercise 3

1. No man can win the heart of everyone.
2. Does he not learn his lesson daily?
3. Who does not like to be happy?
4. Who can forget his parents ?
5. You are tired of doing work.
6. Who does not believe him to be honest ?
7. Does he not pay his licence fee every year?
8. Man cannot be immortal.
9. Who can see God ?
10. Can I ever forget your kindness ?
11. Who does not love his motherland ?
12. The leopard can not change his spots.
13. The labourers work upto 5 pm.
14. Every tree fades away.
15. We shall never forget Mahatma Gandhi.

Exercise 4

1. It is sad that she has lost her beauty.
2. How lovely your paintings are !
3. Alas! You are leaving us so soon.
4. It is joyful that the team of India has won.
5. It is a very shameful behaviour.
6. May God bless him with a son !.
7. It was a very fine catch.
8. How beautiful are the trees in this garden!.
9. His condition is very pitiable.
10. Were I in your office !.
11. Hurrah ! To travel by air.
12. I wish that the snow covered peaks of Himalayas were my dwelling place.
13. Oh ! Fear the dog.
14. It is joyful that my brother has won the first prize.
15. I have been very foolish.

Exercise 5

1. You are so kindhearted that you cannot be a good officer.
2. As soon as he started his speech, his opponents began to disturb him.
3. Only a miracle can save him.
4. Hari is not so intelligent as my brother.
5. The sun shines brighter than the moon.
6. She did not prove to be an unfaithful wife.
7. Gold is the costliest metal.
8. He never comes in improper uniform.
9. We should be honest.
10. Their glory will shine forever.
11. Sohan is not as tall as Karim.
12. It is an easy job for you.
13. No sooner did we come out than it started raining.
14. We should love the poor.
15. None but good boys are successful.

Exercise 6.

1. The roads are cleaned by the sweeper before sunrise.
2. The breads were distributed among the poor men by a kind man.
3. All plants have been destroyed by the monkeys.
4. The medicine had been take by me before the doctor came.
5. Their most will have been finished by them before the sunset.
6. The plants are being watered by the gardener.
7. Has the room been cleaned by the servant.
8. When will our exercise books be returned by the teacher.
9. My order must be obeyed by you.
10. Money is always put in his in her pocket by him.
11. You are requested to explain me this question again.
12. By whom will you application by forwarded.
13. You are requested to tell me time in your watch.
14. You are forbidden to use fast food every day.
15. Let all animals be loved by us.

Exercise 7

1. I have learnt all the lessons.
2. The tailor has sewn your shirt.
3. Mr.P.K. Jain teaches me English.
4. The people always admire the brave soldiers.
5. No one should spoil water.
6. Who has eaten my food?
7. My father has cleared all debts.
8. When did the child tear your books?
9. Should I send a servant?
10. Who looks after you th the absence of your mother?
11. Always reach school in time.
12. The police could not arrest the culprits.
13. Do your duty first.
14. The painter made is beautiful painting.
15. Please let me sleep now.

Exercise 8

1. The teacher made him the class monitor.
2. Bad boys are disliked by every one.
3. The servant did not break the pot.
4. He was found sleeping by me.
5. Last year we planted one thousand trees in our college.
6. The beauty of the scene charmed us.
7. Where was he seen by you ?
8. His work has been finished by him.
9. Why did the teacher punish him ?
10. Such behaviour was not expected by us.
11. The patient will be soon examined by the doctor.
12. The children should not tease the dogs.
13. BY whom were stones thrown at my window pane?
14. You are advised to take light exercise daily.
15. They have advised the students to sit quietly in their classes.

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