UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Grammar Chapter 1 Direct and Indirect Narration

UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Grammar Chapter 1 Direct and Indirect Narration

UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Grammar Chapter 1 Direct and Indirect Narration are part of UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English. Here we have given UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Grammar Chapter 1 Direct and Indirect Narration.

UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Grammar Chapter 1 Direct and Indirect Narration

Exercise 1

  1. The teacher said that as the air got heated up, it rose upwards.
  2. The college notice says that admit cards will be issued to Intermediate candidates on Monday.
  3. My daughter said that Mr. Tandon had rung up while I was out.
  4. The lawyer told the client that he must tell him the whole truth and shouldn’t conceal anything from him.
  5. My uncle said that when he was a student he used to take part in debate competitions.
  6. The tourist said that that city.ought to have more buses.
  7. The clerk told Pooja that he would get her leave sanctioned immediately and she needn’t worry about that.
  8. The passenger said that if the train hadn’t been late, he would have missed it.
  9. He said that the previous morning the fog was so dense that he couldn’t go for a walk.
  10. The speaker told the audience that they were responsible citizens of the country and they should preserve the solidarity of the nation.
  11.  Some saints told the people that they were coming to them to collect donations.
  12.  The teachers said to the minister that they wanted to get revised pay scales and that demand was on their priority.
  13. The mother tell her daughter that she is not feeling well. Hence she herself should take the breakfast from the kitchen.
  14. Some students told.me that they were proud of me as I explained them every thing very clearly.
  15.  The servant told his master that he had been serving him for twenty years. He added that as he was 65 years of age then he could not serve him any more.

Exercise 2

  1. The boys asked when the next test match would be played.
  2. The wife asked her husband why he downcast that day.
  3. I asked him where had he found that old postage stamp.
  4. The candidate enquired what was the last date for submitting the application.
  5. The caretaker asked who had broken the flower vase.
  6. The waiter asked the customer whether he would like to have tea or coffee.
  7. He asked if it was time to leave for the station.
  8. The teacher asked the boys if they had taken down the questions.
  9. Aruna asked Vimla if she knew Najma’s address.
  10. He enquired of his solicitor if he had found time to examine his documents.
  11. He asked me kindly if I would have a cup of tea with him.
  12. My mother asked me why did not I sleep when I did not want to study any more.
  13. I asked the moneylender if he could lend me
    5000/- for two months.
  14.  The old woman requested the young man politely to give her the seat.
  15.  The patient requested the doctor very politely to examine him before his turn as he was feeling very restless.

Exercise 3

  1. The leader requested the people to excuse him as he was really very late.
  2. My guest requested me to pass him the butter as he was unable to get it.
  3. The teacher forbade the students to make a noise till he came back in the class.
  4. The astrologer advised his customer to go to Shani temple every Saturday and worship Shani Dev sincerely for two years.
  5. The principal instructed the teachers to go to their classes at once as soon as the period started and not to leave the class before it ends.
  6. The doctor advised the patient to get himself admitted to the hospital till he felt better.
  7. The chemist advised the patient to wait till evening as that medicine was out of stock.
  8. The chief minister advised the other ministers to go to their constituencies and listen to the problems of the people.
  9. Our elders advise us to get up always early in the morning and walk in the open air for some time.
  10. We requested the librarian to give us the catalogue of fiction books in English.
  11. The receptionist requested the stranger to be seated and fill up that form correctly.
  12. The tourist requested him to arrange an AC four seated taxi for him for four days and three nights.
  13. All people advise us to respect our elders and obey our parents and teachers.

Exercise 4

  1. The servant prayed his master that he might be allowed to enjoy his holiday.
  2. The students proposed the games teacher that they should play a match with the students of Shadilal college.
  3. The gardener suggested them to let him water the plants.
  4. All the students proposed that they should finish their work as soon as possible.
  5. Prem requested his mother that he might be allowed to stay in the house till father returned.
  6. The magician suggested to the spectators that he might be allowed to prepare himself for the following show.
  7. The students requested the invigilator that they might be allowed to go outside as they had finished their work.
  8. The mother instructed her children to let her take a bath before she prepared the breakfast.
  9. The nurse instructed the patient to let her give him an injection and medicines before he took lunch.
  10. The trainees proposed to their coach that they should laugh as much as they could.
  11. The singer requested the audience that he might be allowed to sing a song of his own choice.
  12. The doctor asked the patient to let him examine his tests. He added that then he would give his prescription.
  13. The manager ordered them to let their director do what he thought proper.
  14. Shama requested her mother that she might be permitted to decide her life partner herself.
  15. The security guard suggested the visitor to let him seek the permission of the secretary before allowing him to enter.

Exercise 5

  1. The husband exclaimed with wonder that she was extremely beautiful.
  2. Addressing her son the mother exclaimed with sorrow that he had grown too weak.
  3. All the family members exclaimed with grief that their care taker had gone from this world forever.
  4. The captain exclaimed with joy that they had won the battle.
  5. The teacher exclaimed with contempt that his student had stupid.
  6. Some students exclaimed with joy that they had been selected in CPMT.
  7. The mother exclaimed with joy that her baby was then out of danger.
  8. The sailors exclaimed with awe that the storm was too dangerous.
  9. The traveller exclaimed with surprise that it was a too’stony pathway, hence it was really very troublesome to walk on it.
  10. The examinees exclaimed with despair that the paper was too difficult.

Exercise 6

  1. The mahatma prayed for me that God might give me courage enough to bear that loss.
  2. My father wished me that I might win the race.
  3. The doctor wished the patient that he might recover soon.
  4. The beggar wished me that I might live long and prosper.
  5. The teacher thanked the principal for sanctioning him long leave.
  6. All the sons wish their grand father good morning.
  7. My nephew bade me good night and hoped to see me the next morning.
  8. The citizens wished that their present prime minister might live long.
  9. A hermit wished me that I might progress in my spiritual practices.
  10. I wished my friend that he might secure the highest marks.

Exercise 7

  1. Some students bade me good morning respectfully.
  2. The servant thanked his master respectfully as he had helped him in his need.
  3. Calling a ivoman as his dear mother, the milkman told her that he always supplied her good milk.
  4. Netaji requested his loved countrymen too give him blood and he would give them freedom.
  5. Calling him cruel, a man asked the police inspector why he was beating him for no offence.
  6. The principal ordered the students to go to their class rooms as soon as the bell rang.
  7. My father advised me to go for walking in the morning if I wanted to maintain my health.
  8. The speaker requested to stay there till his speech was over.
  9. The captain ordered his soldiers not to run away from the battlefield if they wanted to get honour.
  10. The servant told his mistress that he was a poor man and promised that he would serve her day and night.

Exercise 8

1. Ram requested Shyam to come and tell him something. At this Shyam asked him what he wanted him to tell him. Ram answered that there was nothing special and he only wanted to know how many children had been born in Kolkata the previous day. Shyam answered that he couldn’t say and he was sure nobody would be able to give him that informaţion.

2. Mr. Sharma asked Arun when did he come from Kolkata. Arun answered respectfully that he had come the previous night. Mr. Sharma said that he was glad. He also said that he had not stayed there long and asked if his brother also had come back. Arun answered respectfully that he hadn’t because he was not well but he thought he would come in about a week.

3. Jack asked his father if he could go and play. Father asked him if he had finished his homework. Jack replied in the negative and that he could finish it after- wards. Disagreeing his father advised him to do his work first and play afterwards.

4. Hari asked Ramesh where had he been so long and said that he was expecting him earlier. Addressing Hari as his friend Ramesh said that he was not to blame because P.S.D. training took a lot of their time and that was the parade day and that was why he could not come earlier.

5. The doctor asked the patient how long had he been suffering from fever. The patient answered that the previous day he had to go to his village in rain and since then he had been suffering from fever. The doctor advised him to take that medicine regularly after an interval of three hours and further said that he would be alright in three days. At this the patient thanked the doctor respectfully.

Exercise 9

  1. The hunter proposed to his friend that they should take an aim as the lion was not far from them.
  2. The ticket collector said not to hesitate because he could not go without showing his ticket.
  3. The Gita says that we should do our duty and should not think of its result.
  4. The rickshaw puller requested to call another rickshaw puller as his rickshaw was not in working order.
  5.  The inspector asked the shopkeeper how he dared to weigh less to the people when they paid him full cost.
  6. The principal said that he should find another school for himself and need not come there at all.
  7. The fish again requested to put it back in the water then and catch him again when it had grow up.
  8. Kaikeyi reminded her dear husband that he had promised to grant him two boons to be asked any time according to her choice.
  9. Dashratha told his dear queen that he remembered his promise very well and he could never forget that.
  10. The people prayed that God might grant him a long life to serve the country.

Exercise 10

  1. An old man said to his sons, “Do not quarrel among yourselves.”
  2. I said to the postman, “Do you have any letter for me?”
  3. A saint said to me, “May God grant you a long life!”
  4. The players said, “Hurrah ! We have won the match.”
  5. He said to us, “Let us return home.”
  6. He said, “How costly the cloth is !”
  7. The leader said to the people, “I thank you for all your help. I could not win the election without your help.”
  8. The teacher said to Moti, “Leave the classroom at once and do not return.”
  9. The doctor said to me, “You are suffering from fever. You must be very careful in taking medicines.”
  10. The principal said, “Boys, are you fully prepared for the examination?”

Exercise 11
(From U.P. Board Examination Papers). (2011)

(i) The captain applauded saying that he had won the match.
(ii) The teacher asked the student if he had completed his homework.

(i) The traveller asked the peasant if he could tell him the way to the nearest inn.
(ii) The peasant answered him in affirmative and asked him if he wanted the one in which he could spend the night.

(i) Ashish asked how he liked his new house.
(ii) Sheela said that she had lost her watch.

(i) My father advised me to be punctual.
(ii) She advised that he must respect his parents.

(i) She promised her friend to be rest assured and she would pay her back very soon.
(ii) I complained that they had not treated me fairly.

(i) Addressing the cadets as the future sentinels of Mother India, the Director of the Military Academy, said that the country reposed great hope in them. He further advised them to work hard in a disciplined manner and come up to the expectations of the country.
(ii) The master asked the lazy servant as to what he was doing there in the backyard of the house.

(i) Manindra said that he did not know his name.
(ii) My teacher told me that he would have only a cup of tea because he was indisposed. (2012)

(i) The chief ordered the soldiers not to leave the post.
(ii) He said that man is mortal.

(i) Rahul bade Prashant good night and said that they would meet again the next day.
(ii) He exclaimed with grief that he had dropped his purse somewhere and it had a handsome amount of money.

(i) The wolf asked the lamb why he was making the water dirty.
(ii) The wolf warned the lamb that he had become very talkative and asked him to be silent otherwise he would eat him.

(i) She said that she liked her house.
(ii) I asked him if he was going.

(i) He suggested not to stop till we reached our goal.
(ii) He told me the previous day that he would return my book the next day.

(i) Addressing the large gathering at Ramlila Maidan as his dear noble countrymen, Jawaharlal Nehru promised them that he would ever remain serving the cause of Mother India.
(ii) Hari asked Ram if he had completed his homework. Ram answered in negative. Hari asked him its reason. Ram answered that he could not complete his homework because he could not get time to complete it. (2013)

(i) The teacher became angry with the student and asked why he had disturbed the class in that way and reminded him that he had told him before that when he was speaking, he should be silent. He further ordered him to leave the room and not to return again that day.
(ii) The robber told Alexander that he was his captive, he must hear what he was pleased to say and endure what he was pleased to inflict. He further said that his soul ws unconquered.

(i) The chairman proposed that they should pass on to the next item.
(ii) The refugee woman requested the shopkeeper to help her starimg children.

(i) He requested to let him go to zoo the next day.
(ii) She told her parents yesterday that she did not like physics.

(i) Her mother enquired my age.
(ii) Jaya asked Ramesh as to wher did he live.

(i) He said that he had lost his pen.
(ii) The union leader suggested that they should show the bosses that they were united. (2014)

(i) The teacher asked the student why he had come so late that day?
(ii) The mother advised her daughter not to play outside in the sun.

(i) The teacher said that the sun sets in the West.
(ii) He proposed that they should stop there and rest for a while.

(i) Sarla enquired of Vimala if she would call on her in the evening. Vimla replied in the affirmative.
(ii) John asked Richard whether he would go to school that day. Richard declined. At this John asked him its reason. Richard told John that he would not go because his mother was ill and he had to look after her.

(i) He said that he must go.
(ii) He said that I was a student.

(i) He said that that was his book.
(ii) He wished that I might have a happy journey. (2015)

(i) My father asked me why I was so eager to go to the picture that day.
(ii) He exclaimed that it was a good chance.

(i) My father asked my friend why he did not brought his father to them that day.
(ii) I proposed to my friend that we should go on a trip to the Punjab.

(i) The teacher asked Ramesh where he was going.
(ii) He requested his father to let him attend the marriage party of his friend.
(i) Rajesh said that he had bought a car the previous day.
(ii) He wished that I might succeed.

(i) He said that he must go.
(ii) He told me that I am happy.

(i) My teacher advised me to work hard and that I would surely succeed.
(ii) The beggar requested the passer-by to give him five rupees.

(i) I often tell my friends that they are all very dear to me.
(ii) I asked him if he had not promised to come. (2016)

(i) The poor girl request him to help her in her hour of need.
(ii) The boy asked his teacher respectfully if he might enter the class.

(i) He said that we are all sinners.
(ii) Ram said that he had a meeting last night.

(i) She will tell me that I am not sincere to her.
(ii) The devotee expressed sorrow, that his Guru was dead.

(i) He said that God rules and governs all things.
(ii) He asked me why I had struck him.

(i) He exclaimed with joy that it was a very good opportunity.
(ii) He wished that his father might live long.
He wished a long life for his father.

(i) The teacher asked me very angrily why I had come. He further asked if he had not told me, never to see (should be show) my face again.
(ii) He thanked me. (2017)

(i) I will say to the judge that he is innocent.
(ii) I told him that he should consider his decision.

(i) The cricket team exclaimed with joy that they had won the match.
(ii) He wished his friends good morning and asked how they were.

(i) She exclaimed with sorrow that how foolish she had been.
(ii) Ravi asked him whether he did write a good hand.

(i) The teacher said that the sun sets in the west:
(ii) My friend advised me not to bathe in the flooded river.

(i) He called him ruffian and threatended to take him to the police station.
(ii) He wished his friend good morning and asked how he was.

(i) Addressing the ladies and gentlemen, the leader said that he was thankful to all of them.
(ii) Sudha asked me whether I did not love her.

(i) He said that he was misled.
(ii) His father exclaimed with joy that he had secured distinction in three subjects.

(i) He proposed that they (we) should not say anything about it till they hear the facts. (2018)
(ii) The doctor advised the patient not to eat fried substances.

(i) The stranger asked me where I live.
(ii) He exclaimed with sorrow that he was undone.

(i) All the boys applauded us saying that our game was excellent.
(ii) The Principal asked the boy why he was still waiting there when he had already told him that he was so busy that he could not see him that day.

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