UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Chapter 1 Use of Verb forms and Articles

UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Chapter 1 Use of Verb forms and Articles

UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Translation Chapter 1 Use of Verb forms and Articles are part of UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English. Here we have given UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Translation Chapter 1 Use of Verb forms and Articles.

UP Board Solutions for Class 12 English Chapter 1 Use of Verb forms and Articles

Exercise 1

  1. Are you busy this time?
  2. This knife became sharp.
  3. Are you a college student ?
  4. This is not my father’s car.
  5. I am grateful to you.
  6. These boys became half mad.
  7. His son became angry with me.
  8. My sister is brave.
  9. Whose pen is yours?
  10. Will you be happy today?
  11. Was she a singer?
  12. I am afraid of that cheater.
  13. It will be a holiday on Sunday.
  14. Water becomes hot on fire.
  15. Man is mortal.

Exercise 2

  1. I have four brothers.
  2. These boys have a dog
  3. I have an elephant also.
  4. In winter, I have a bath daily.
  5. Today, we shall talk to the principal.
  6. Tomorrow I shall have this money.
  7. He has a book in his hand.
  8. I have had food twice.
  9. He had a small house.
  10. A cow has four legs.
  11. He has some problem in his heart.
  12. My city has a zoo.
  13. He had a expensive dog.
  14. His voice is very sweet.
  15. Right now, I am having a bath.

Exercise 3

  1. Will she do something in the evening ?
  2. What do you do with your brother?
  3. I do nothing with my brother.
  4. My brother does some work with father.
  5. What are you doing in your garden ?
  6. Is the gardener also doing something there ?
  7. What did that beggar do on the road ?
  8. My servant is doing some work this time.
  9. Mother is doing nothing in the kitchen.
  10. My sister does all work in the absence of mother.

Exercise 4

  1. It is getting dark now.
  2. It is your duty to show pity on the animals.
  3. It is not easy to please all.
  4. It was raining heavily last evening.
  5. It is dangerous for children to play with crackers.
  6. It is no use worrying.
  7. It is five by my watch.
  8. It will be holiday on Monday.
  9. It is not possible for me to sleep late at night.
  10. To invest money in shares is foolishness.
  11. It is the month of March.
  12. It is the truth that he does not live here.
  13. It is our duty to love the country.
  14. It is easy for a cat to see in the dark.
  15. It is good to complete one’s work in time.

Exercise 5

  1. It took many years for Columbus to discover America.
  2. Father took a long time to understand you.
  3. Did he take a very little time in making up his loss?
  4. You will take more than three hours in solving the full question paper.
  5. Will he take very little time in solving your problem ?
  6. You will take only five minutes in reaching the temple.
  7. It took me two hours in reaching the temple to have a glimpse of the idol.
  8. The teacher took ten minutes in solving this sum.
  9. It took many years in freeing India.
  10. It took him several years in improving his condition.

Exercise 6

  1. There was a red pencil in my pocket.
  2. Today there are few students in my classroom.
  3. There are a great number of audience in the visitor’s gallery.
  4. God is present every where.
  5. There is full moon in the sky on the night of purnima.
  6. There were a number of ripe mangoes in this basket.
  7. There is a lot of air in the ment.
  8. There is no beggar in some countries.
  9. There is pleasant weather in the spring.
  10. Are there countless stars in the sky?
  11. Are there so many rats in your house?
  12. There is no dispute between India and Nepal.
  13. There are your books.
  14. How many clerks are absent from the office today?
  15. Now there is no need of soldiers on the border.

Exercise 7

  1. He is jealous but he should not express it.
  2. It is a pity that you are a bachelor.
  3. These chairs are more comfortable than those chairs.
  4. Is this the book that you wanted ?
  5. It is impossible to reach there in time.
  6. I shall see you tomorrow, if it is convenient.
  7. These days I am very busy in writing.
  8. It is accepted that this friend of his is very rich.
  9. He never met me these days.
  10. Can you bear so much expenditure ?
  11. There is only Mohan who is so wise.
  12. It is no use shouting.
  13. This is the thing that I will say.
  14. Hello, Are you Raymond Brown speaking?

Exercise 8

  1. Please help me.
  2. Please do take a cup of tea with me.
  3. Never chase a dog.
  4. Take a little lukewarm water.
  5. Please read the whole of my letter.
  6. Work hard for your progress.
  7. Take care of the children well.
  8. Leave bed early in morning regularly.
  9. Please lend to me a little money for sometime.
  10. Please do not smoke here.
  11. Never make a fun of the poor.
  12. Switch off all the lights before going to sleep.
  13. Do not go into deep water.
  14. Do not make much use of mobile
  15. Drive the vehicle slowly on a busy road.

Exercise 9


  1. Let the carpenter make my table.
  2. Let the police arrest the thieves.
  3. Let these girls sing a sweet song.
  4. Do not let the boys copy.
  5. Do not let the little children read novels.
  6. Do not let the boys throw stones at frogs.
  7. Let the servant clean the room.
  8. Do not let the small children play in the sunlight.
  9. Let him read the Ramayana.
  10. Do not let any clerk accept bribe.
  11. Let him finish his work.
  12. Let me worship God for two hours.
  13. Do not let him go to the picnic.
  14. Let this girl sing two songs.
  15. Let them say what they want to say.


  1. Let us bathe in the Ganga this year.
  2. Let us love all the children.
  3. Let us not kill the birds.
  4. Let us sleep now.
  5. Let us respect our elders.
  6. Let us learn our lesson now.
  7. Let us not abuse anybody.
  8. Let us play cricket match.
  9. Let us get up at 5 a.m. the morning
  10. Let us love small children.
  11. Let us serve our country.
  12. Now let us depart in the night.
  13. Let us take part in essay competition.
  14. Certainly let us see the Taj Mahal.
  15. Let us distribute blankets among the poor people.


  1. The captain does not let these boys play the match.
  2. His mother did not let him go to the cinema.
  3. Why do you not let me have tea?
  4. Our teacher will not let us laugh.
  5. The inspector has not let any milk vendor sell the adul
  6. My dog does not let any stranger come in the house.
  7. My neighbours will not let me fly the kite.
  8. Our principal does not let any student copy.
  9. The hunter has let all the birds fly.
  10. My mother will not let me have coffee.
  11. The police will not let anybody come in.
  12. The government does not let us hold meeting here.
  13. My friend let me pay the bill.
  14. The gardener did not let them walk on the grass.
  15. Will the forest officers not let them cut the trees ?

Exercise 10

  1. Please open the window a little ?
  2. Will you shift/move a little ?
  3. Would you teach me to speak English ?
  4. Could you look after my dog my in absence ?
  5. Will you give me your brief introduction ?
  6. Could you see me day after tomorrow ?
  7. Will you do a work of mine ?
  8. Will you please tell me your telephone number?
  9. Would you have lunch with me today?
  10. Could you meet me today in the evening ?
  11. May I use your telephone ?
  12. Would you remember me again ?
  13. Would you walk with me in the garden for some time please?
  14. Will you tell me the time ?
  15. Would you wait for me till I return ?

Exercise 11

  1. Do take this medicine regularly.
  2. Do put out the candle.
  3. Put my files on my table only.
  4. Doctor, do treat this patient?
  5. Do send him to me tomorrow.
  6. All the boys come to me ?
  7. Do win the watch.
  8. Raju, do bring a cup of coffee for me.
  9. You are not to smoke from today.
  10. Mohan is to make a firm promise.
  11. Do write to me on alternate days.
  12. You have to reach school daily in time.
  13. O God, help this poor man.
  14. You will depart tomorrow by night train.
  15. He is to distribute all invitation cards today.

Exercise 12

  1. Our team could not win the match.
  2. You cannot talk loudly in the library.
  3. Peace loving people may also become violent.
  4. Could you lend me some money?
  5. You may catch cold by going out in the cold.
  6. May he recover soon!
  7. He could lead in the last round of the game.
  8. He fell down from the roof, his leg could be broken too.
  9. We could get pure ghee at a cheaper rate in olden days.
  10. May I come in ?
  11. You may come in after an hour.
  12. Can you examine all the files today?
  13. Our father could face this situation.
  14. May God prosper you a lot!
  15. Can you help me in solving these sums ?

Exercise 13

  1. He can be great.
  2. He is unable to cross the river
  3. Now he cannot sit for a long time.
  4. Now he is unable to sit for a long period.
  5. I am unable to sleep after midnight.
  6. He cannot be dishonest.
  7. He cannot work hard.
  8. Why are you unable to speak loudly?
  9. He is not able to make a long speech.
  10. He cannot speak before a crowd.
  11. He is not able to face the problems.
  12. He is unable to tell a lie.
  13. He is unable to eat anything.
  14. He cannot give so much contribution.
  15. He is unable to walk even a step.

Exercise 14

  1. The leaders should be honest.
  2. He ought to meet the principal today.
  3. He must work hard.
  4. We should not be miser.
  5. We ought to believe in God.
  6. You must reach school in time.
  7. We should not read cheap novels.
  8. The students must read the newspaper daily.
  9. He must be a member of social society.
  10. You should love the country.
  11. The students ought to respect their teachers.
  12. We should be civilized and polite.
  13. Everybody ought to pity the poor.
  14. You should never tell a lie.
  15. You ought not to make your clothes dirty.

Exercise 15

  1. He may have to come here at once.
  2. The patient may have to stay in the hospital for a few days.
  3. You may have to wait for some more days for a job.
  4. You may have to repent on your doing.
  5. You may have to speak in English on many occasions.
  6. He may have to compromise with his joys.
  7. He may have to look after his old grandfather.
  8. The police may have to fire on the crowd.
  9. You may have to beg.
  10. I may have to go to office on Sunday.

Exercise 16

  1. Would you bring me a chair ?
  2. He would go to meet his friends on Sundays.
  3. He would go to church on every Sunday.
  4. If it rains tomorrow morning, the school would be closed.
  5. How nice it would be if you become a minister ?
  6. I would surely accompany you in the marriage procession of your son.
  7. Would you examine me out of turn ?
  8. He would work hard in his youth.
  9. He would surely accept your invitation.
  10. Would you lend me some money ?

Exercise 17

  1. I have to scold him.
  2. Will you have to deposit income tax ?
  3. You will have to pardon him.
  4. Did you have to wash your clothes on your own ?
  5. When did you have to send him to market ?
  6. The students will have to work hard.
  7. They will have to obey me.
  8. I had to speak in English to my friends.
  9. The teacher did not have to teach us some lessons.
  10. He will have to repair his house.

Exercise 18

(a) Do you mind my playing cards here?
(b) Would you mind if I play cards here?
(c) Do you mind if I play cards here ?

(a) Do you mind my smoking here?
(b) Would you mind if I make here?
(c) Do you mind if I smoke here?

(a) Do you mind my having a cup of tea ?
(b) Would you mind if I have a cup of tea ?
(c) Do you mind if I take a cup of tea?

(a) Do you mind my seeing your mobile ?
(b) Would you” mind if I’see your mobile ?
(c) Do you mind if I see your mobile ?

(a) Do you mind my going out for some time?
(b) Would you mind if I go out for some time ?
(c) Do you mind if I go out for some time?

(a) Do you mind my sitting on this chair?
(b) Would you mind if I sit on this chair ?
(c) Do you mind if I sit on this chair?

(a) Do you mind my switching off the T.V. ?
(b) Would you mind if I switch the T.V. off ?
(C) Do you mind if I switch the T.V. off ?

(a) Do you mind me talking to my friend on the telephone ?
(b) Would you mind if I talk to my friend on the telephone ?
(c) Do you mind if I talk to my friend on the telephone ?

(a) Do you mind my interrupting you in the between ?
(b) Would you mind if I interrupt you in between ?
(c) Do you mind if I interrupt you in between ?

(a) Do you mind my sending your servant to the market?
(b) Would you mind if I send your servant to the market ?
(c) Do you mind if I send your servant to the market ?

Exercise 19

  1. I may be allowed/permitted/given permission one week’s time to submit my reply.
    (allowed, permitted या given permission में से किसी भी एक शब्द का प्रयोग करें, इसी प्रकार इस से आगे के वाक्यों में हमने एक शब्द का प्रयोग किया है। आप इन तीनों में से किसी एक शब्द का प्रयोग कर and I)
  2. I may be allowed to withdraw money from my PF account.
  3. I may be permitted to go home during vacations.
  4. I may be given permission to appeal in the Supreme Court.
  5. He may be allowed to take bank loan for buying a new car.
  6. This man may be given permission to submit bail application.
  7. This prisoner may be given permission to meet his wife.
  8. They may not be given permission to correspond in Hindi.
  9. I may be allowed to travel by air.
  10. He may not be permitted to go to his house in Ghaziabad everyday.

Exercise 20

  1. He may win the match.
  2. He may not even give you the money
  3. He might not become a millionaire.
  4. He may not even become a millionaire.
  5. This patient may die.
  6. The doctor might not save this patient.
  7. She may not be the prime minister of the country.
  8. She may be the prime minister of the country.
  9. She might not be the prime minister of the country.
  10. You might not reach on time.

Exercise 21

  1. It is possible that the train may reach late by an hour.
  2. Probably he will pass the examination in first division.
  3. Perhaps he may lend you some money.
  4. Perhaps there will be a duststorm today in the evening.
  5. It is possible that he will win the election.
  6. Probably the government of Delhi will change this year.
  7. It is possible that this patient will recover.
  8. Possibly the share market will improve now.
  9. Perhaps my friend may reach here by the night train.
  10. Possibly our prime minister will go to America next week.

Exercise 22

  1. He is going to take a position in the cabinet. Or He must take a position in the cabinet.
  2. You must have remembered me.
  3. He must be a minister.
  4. The prices must go higher.
  5. You must be a great man.
  6. He must have committed this mistake.
  7. He is going to learn a foreign language.
  8. He must have learnt foreign language.
  9. You are going to win the case.
  10. You must have spent a lot of money for the case.

Exercise 23

  1. He is the Gama of his city.
  2. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
  3. The elephant is the biggest animal.
  4. The Tajmahal was built by Shahjahan.
  5. The cost of rice is twenty rupees a kilo.
  6. There is nothing as precious as gold on the earth. 12
  7. Dogs are faithful.
  8. Pt. Nehru was a honourable man.
  9. The Ramayana of Tulsidas is a famous book.
  10. The moon shines in the night.
  11. Is this teacher an N.C.C officer ?
  12. The poor are unfortunate.
  13. I read the Hindustan Times daily.
  14. He will not stay in an hotel.
  15. I have an interesting book.

Exercise 24

Pandu was an ice-cream vendor. Every day he sat taking his ice bag beside a primary school. By the evening Pandu got sold all of his ice-creams. A girl still come to that school. But she purchased the ice-cream only once in a week. She did not have money enough to eat an ice-crem daily. That girl used to come there daily. She would stand by the side of Pandu for some time daily and then go back. Seeing her Pandu used to grow too dejected.

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