UP Board Solutions for Class 11 English Translation Chapter 8 Tenses (Active Voice)

UP Board Solutions for Class 11 English Translation Chapter 8 Tenses (Active Voice)

These Solutions are part of UP Board Solutions for Class 11 English. Here we have given UP Board Solutions for Class 11 English Translation Chapter 8 Tenses (Active Voice).

Exercise 11

1. Pramod worships God every morning.
2. He never abuses anyone.
3. What do you do at noon ?
4. Does your father live in Delhi ?
5. I keep my books clean.
6. The teacher gives us test every weak.
7. My mother loves me.
8. Why does your sweeper not come daily ?
9. Who sings song in this room?
10. Why does the judge not listen to the case carefully ?
11. The peon rings the second bell at quarter to ten.
12. How many times do you have tea in a day?
13. Our father always speaks the truth.
14. How many languages do you know ?
15. Do you go to Delhi by train daily?

Exercise 12

1. He is teaching us geography.
2. I am not telling you a story.
3. Why are you wasting your time?
4. Is the sun setting in the west ?
5. Are the students sitting in the class ?
6. How many gardeners are working in this garden ?
7. I will celebrate my birthday the day after tomorrow.
8. The hunter is not killing the lion.
9. This boy is not telling a lie.
10. Where is the police searching for the criminals ?
11. Are you reading in the moonlight ?
12.Where is your dog sleeping ?
13. Who is standing on the roof?
14. I am not talking to you.
15. She is teaching French in Kolkata university.

Exercise 13

1. He has washed his clothes.
2. I have not had my food yet.
3. Has he left this school forever?
4. Why have you not bathed ?
5. The peon has not opened the rooms yet.
6. The clock has not struck twelve yet.
7. The sun has risen in the east.
8. Why have you not marked this boy present ?
9. Have you learnt this question by heart ?
10. The judge has given judgement in favour of the teachers.
11. The teachers have called off the strike in the interest of the students.
12. Why has the government not fullfilled the promise to the teachers ?
13. Have you decided to resign from the post ?
14. How many people has the police arrested ?
15. Has the washerman ironed all the clothes ?

Exercise 14

1. Where have you been walking for two hours ?
2. The hunters have been chasing the lion since morning.
3. The barber has been shaving this man for ten minutes.
4. I have not been writing for one year.
5. Why has your horse not been eating grass for two days ?
6. The child has been weeping for one hour.
7. How many boys have been playing cricket match since yesterday ?
8. I have been teaching in this school for twenty years.
9. We have been fighting elections since 1976.
10. Our opponent has been defeating us since then.
11. These girls have been knitting sweater since midnight.
12. Where has father been reading newspaper for ten minutes ?
13. Why have you not been going for a walk since Sunday ?
14. Has your sister been learning to sing song for one month ?
15. The gardener has been watering plants since 4 o’clock.

Exercise 15

1. Sunil Dutt reached Amritsar yesterday.
2. I could not return your book yesterday.
3. Did India buy arms from America ?
4.Why did you not take part in the match ?
5. He talked to his sons at the time of death.
6. Our uncle never smoked.
7. Why did these boys make their clothes dirty?
8. Our washerman did not bring our clothes yesterday.
9. Who issued books to the students in the library?
10. The doctor could not give me good medicine.
11. My brother made a lengthy speech.
12. Why could you not go to Delhi yesterday?
13. Did you see the picture with your friends ?
14. These children never drank cow milk.
15. Ram taught English to my two children.

Exercise 16

1.The watercarriers were sprinkling water on the roads.
2. The garlands of flowers were hanging on the doors.
3. No sick man was roaming on the roads.
4. Was the sunlight making the city beautiful ?
5.Who was welcoming the prince?
6. A sick man was crying for help.
7. They were not thinking anything about the future.
8. Was Siddhartha looking at the old man attentively ?
9. When was your friend deceiving you ?
10. The poets were singing their poems.
11. Which word were you searching for in the dictionary ?
12. Our father was not going on pilgrimage last year.
13. Why were you not obeying your father ?
14. Our teacher was not teaching us this lesson yesterday.
15. How much milk were you buying yesterday?

Exercise 17

1. He had done this work before he went to Kolkata.
2. Had you not departed before you received my letter ?
3. Did he have food after you had reached ?
4.The birds had flown from the tree even before the sun had risen.
5. Did the thief run away after the police had come ?
6. He did not stop working hard till he had not passed.
7. The crowd dispersed after the policeman had fired.
8. He had already given this examination.
9. I could not reach home after the guests had gone.
10. Had his father died before he was born ?
11. Why had the audience gone before the speech was over ?
12. The circus show had been over before 9 o’clock.
13. Where did the students go after it had stopped raining?
14. The train had departed even before he had bought the tickets.
15. He wandered till he had not got service.

Exercise 18

1. For how many years had you been reading in this school ?
2. I had been waiting for you for an hour.
3. Had you been taking Inter examination for few years?
4. The birds had not been flying in the air since today morning.
5. Had you been living in this house since June ?
6. The teachers had not been coming to school for ten days.
7. My father had not been smoking for two months.
8. Had you been serving in this hotel for a long time ?
9. How many students had been living in this hostel since last year?
10. Whom had you been teaching English since 10 o’clock ?
11. This businessman had not been depositing sales tax for five years.
12. Where had the watchman been sleeping since 2 o’clock ?
13. She had been looking after her husband since the time of marriage.
14. The watercarrier had not been sprinkling water on the road for one month.
15. Whom had you been writing letter to since 7 o’clock ?

Exercise 19

1. I shall meet you in Gandhi Park in the evening.
2. We shall not go for a walk today.
3. You will have to leave this school.
4. Where will you take admission now?
5. I shall never tell a lie.
6. Why will mother not make sweets ?
7. Will you understand English newspaper ?
8. You will have to come here tomorrow.
9. Sunil Dutt will give message of peace to the people.
10. These boys shall work hard.
11. How many boys will go to see Nauchandi today ?.
12. She will never help her mother.
13. When will the peon ring the bell ?
14. The principal shall pardon your fine.
15. How much milk will you have today?

Exercise 20

1. The people will be rejoicing on the occasion of Diwali.
2. The police will be patrolling the city.
3. My friend will not be waiting for me on the station.
4. Will your servant not be taking salary ?
5. Will that patient be sleeping in bed ?
6. Who will be clamouring before me ?
7. Will the teacher be checking our essay ?
8. Where will your mother be sleeping ?
9. The train will not be arriving in time.
10. Where will they be playing the match.
11. We shall not be going to Delhi.
12. Why will the children be weeping ?
13. How many monkeys will be running on the roof?
14. How much milk will you be having ?
15. When will the teacher be calling me ?

Exercise 21

1. They will have gone from here five years ago.
2. I will have read the newspaper before father goes out.
3. Will he not have returned from picnic tomorrow ?
4. This patient will have died before his sons come.
5. Will the guests have gone before the sun rises ?
6. How many spectators will have seen cricket match by 10th May ?
7. I shall not have reached my school by 8 O’clock.
8. Who will have knocked at the door before I come out ?
9. Will you have drawn the map before the teacher comes ?
10. Will the police have arrested the thieves before they run away?
11. Why will the carpenter not have prepared all furniture before marriage ?
12. Will your examination have been over before 8th April ?
13. The enemy will not have run away when our army reaches.
14. The cat will have drunk all milk before the mistress awakes.
15. All the people will have run away before the storm approaches.

Exercise 22

1. Will you have been playing for two hours ?
2.He will have been waiting for you for two days.
3. What will this boy have been doing here since Friday?
4. Will the hunter have been chasing the rabbit for two hours ?
5. She will not have been singing song since 3 o’clock.
6. Will you have been cleaning your house for two hours ?
7. These students will not have been studying English from next year.
8. These children will not have been watching T.V. since 7 o’clock
9. Where will the police have been chasing the thief for two hours ?
10. Where will you have been going to examine the answer books since 15th April ?
11. Will your son have been preparing for entrance examination from next year?
12. The government will not have been giving any relaxation in the taxes from the end of this year.
13. Will you have been teaching Hindi also since 2004 ? ‘
14. The washerman will have been ironing the clothes for one hour.
15. Will you have been reading the newspaper since ten minutes ?

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