UP Board Class 10 English Model Paper

UP Board Class 10 English Model Paper

These Solutions are part of UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English. Here we have given UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Model Paper.Section ‘A’

1. Read the passage and answer the questions given below it :

“Your brothers died because they did not heed my words. They tried to drink water without answering my questions. Do not follow them. Answer my questions first and then you can quench your thirst. This pool belongs to me.” It did not take Yudhishthira a moment to understand that these could be none other than the words of a Yaksha and guessed what had happened to his brothers. It took him no time to see a possible way of bringing them back to life. He said to the bodiless voice: “Please ask your questions.’
(i) Write the name of the lesson from which the above passage has been taken. Who is the author of the lesson ?  [2]
(ii) Who was the owner of the pool ? [2]

2. Answer one of the following questions in about 60 words:  [4]
(i) What do you come to know about Pt. Nehru after reading the lesson “The Ganga”?
(ii) Why did the old merchant want to judge his two sons ? What test did he give to them to find out who was the cleverer of the two?

3. Answer any two of the following questions in about 25 words : [2+2=4]
(i) Why did postman go to his boss laughing heartily?
(ii) What did Socrates want Athens to be? What did he ask the Athenians to do to achieve this end ?
(iii) Who was Swami Hari Das? Where did Akbar go to listen to his misic ?

4. Match the words of List ‘A’ with their meanings in List ‘B’: [4×1 = 4 ]
UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English grammer

5. Read the following piece of poetry and answer the questions given below it :
Ever in motion,
Blithesome and cheery,
Still climbing heavenward,
Never a weary.
(i) From which poem has the above stanza been taken ? WHe is the author of the poem? [2]
(ii) Each of the above four lines describes a particular quality of the fountain. Mention them. [2]

6. Give the central idea of one of the following poems : [3]
(i) The Psalın of Life
(ii) The Village Song
Write four lines from on 1 of the poems given in your textbook.
(Do not copy out the lines given in the question paper.)

7. Answer any two of the following questions in about 25 words: [2 + 2 = 4]
(i) Why has the life of Edison been called great and eventful ?
(ii) Why did the king of Ujjain want to sit on the judgement-seat of Vikramaditya?
(iii) What was Jesse Owens’ ‘Greatest Olympic Prize’?

8. Point out the ‘True’ or ‘False’ statements in the following: [4 x 1 = 4]
(i) Edison was a great inventor but he was never awarded a medal for his inventions.
(ii) Edison said, “I shall never invent anything which will destory life. I want to make people happy.”
(iii) Vikramaditya was the king of Ujjain.
(iv) Jesse Owens helped Luz Long in qualifying for the final jump.

9. Select the most suitable alternative to complete the following statements : [4 x1 = 4]
(a) Edison died on ….
(i) 14th September, 1886.
(ii) 18th October, 1931.
(iii) 2nd November, 1930.
(iv) 13the September, 1918.

(b) Edison got a beating from his mother because ….
(i) he has sold the eggs.
(ii) he had hatched the eggs.
(iii) he had smashed the eggs and sopiled his shorts.
(iv) he had eaten up all the eggs.

(c) When the mound was dug, the king found …..
(i) seven jars full of gold coins
(ii) skeletons of dead bodies
(iii) rare musical instruments
(iv) the judgement seat of Vikramaditya.

(d) Hitler believed in the……………
(i) superiority of English race.
(ii) superiority of German race.
(iii) equality of all races.
(iv) superiority of all race.

Section ‘B’

10. Do as indicated against each of the following sentences :
(i) on sunday play hockey they every. [2]
(Frame correct sentence by re-ordering the words.)……..
(ii) The pilgrim said to the policeman, “Is this the way to Sangam?” (Change into indirect speech) [2]
(iii) I know him very well. (Change into passive voice) [2]
(iv) The naughty boy ran away as he …………… afraid of punishment. [2]
(Use correct form of the verb ‘be’ to fill in the blanks)

11. (a) Choose the correct preposition from the ones given below the sentence to fill in the blank :
The sun sets …………. ti [2]
(in, into, to)

(b) Complete the following sentence: [2]
He kept on working …………………….

(c) Complete the spellings of the following words: 1/2+1/2=1
(i) suc_e_d
(ii) c_r_y.

(d) Punctuate the following using capital letters wherever necessary: is this your final decision said amit to his father yes i cannot make any alternation said his father [2]

12. Translate the following into English:  [4]
आज भारत के कुछ शहरों को स्मार्ट बनाने का प्रयत्न जारों पर है। इसका लक्ष्य शहर को स्वच्छ, सुन्दर एवं आधुनिक सुविधाओं से युक्त बनाना है। इसके अन्तर्गत कूड़े-करकट का प्रबन्धन, जनता शौचालयों का निर्माण, बिजली एवं पानी की समुचित व्यवस्था आती है। चौड़ी व समतल सड़कों, फ्लाई ओवर्स एवं पार्किंग स्थलों के निर्माण से यातायात सुगम हो जाएगा।

13. Your college is organizing a three day educational tour. Write a letter to your father requesting him to allow you to go on the tour and to send you two thousand rupees for the expenses.
(Do not write your Name and Place.)  [4]
Write an application to the Principal of your college for the regular opening of the library and purchase of some new books. (Do not write your Name and Roll No.)

14. Write a composition on one of the following topics in about 60 words. Points are given below for each topic :  [6]

(a) A Visit to a River :
(i) Introduction-name of the river and time of visit
(ii) Boats and pilgrims, birds floating and flying to the surface to pick up food
(iii) People bathing and offering prayers with flowers and milk
(iv) Shops and temples near the bank
(v) Conclusion-your feelings.

(b) An Indian Festival :
(i) Introduction-name and when it is celebrated
(ii) Why it is celebrated
(iii) How it is celebrated
(iv) Conclusion-some evils associated with it.

(c) Usefulness of Mobile Phones :
(i) Introduction-small, handy and easy to carry,
(ii) Cheap and quick means of communication
(iii) Facility of internet-money transfer, purchase of rail tickets, getting any information
(iv) Wastage of money on chatting and useless talking

15. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions based on it:
Books are a delightful company. If you go into a room filled with books even without taking them down from the shelves, they seem to speak to you, seem to welcome you, seem to tell you that they have something inside their covers that will be good for you and that they are willing to impart it to you. Value them and endeavour to turn them to good account. As to the books which you should read, there is hardly anything definite that can be said. Any good book that is wiser you, will teach you something-a great many things directly or indirectly. If your mind be open to learn, you have to read it indicating that you are a person who likes to get good out of it.

  1. Why should we value books?’ [3]
  2. Which books should we read and how should we approach them? [3]

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